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The CDC has just released the National Diabetes Prevention Program "Find a Program Near You" tool. Local Sub-Awardees can highlight this tool when approaching Health Care Providers to discuss patient referral efforts. Additionally, sub-awardees can utilize this tool to locate a National DPP recognized program to enroll at least 1 cohort (~10 participants) in. 


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NACCHO is looking for diabetes control and prevention success stories for our Toolbox, a free, online collection of local public health resources produced by members of the public health community. To submit a story, please contact the Chronic Disease team.

Implementing National DPP: Strategies LHDs can Use

NACCHO’s Framework for Local Implementation of the National DPP outlines 6 strategies LHDs can use to implement the National DPP in their communities:  1) Awareness, Marketing, Promotion; 2) Infrastructure; 3) Assessment, Referral, and Enrollment; 4) Provider Outreach; 5) Cross-Sector Partnerships; 6) Sustainability.

To learn more, read NACCHO's issue brief titled, Implementing the National DPP at the Local Level: A Framework for Local Health Departments found in the the Resource Library. 

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